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Permanent Makeup and Microblading Healing Questions Answered!

At Timeless Transformations Permanent Makeup Company, we go over the healing process extensively with our guests before they leave their appointment. We are always available to answer any questions during the healing process. YES, the healing is a process. Since we receive so many questions on healing, we thought it would be a great topic to touch on, also letting you know what to expect before you come in for a procedure. We will answer our most frequently asked questions for the main procedures of Permanent Makeup. First let us hit on the things to AVOID AFTER RECIEIVNG any of the procedures you may be considering.


  • Tanning, swimming, applying makeup to area – 2 weeks.

  • Compressing your face into the pillow while sleeping- 48 hours

  • Workouts or strenuous activity- 2-7 days (depending on procedure)

  • Exposing the area to full water pressure in the shower- 3 days



Hair Stroke Eyebrow procedure- you will expect the pigment to fade around 20 - 30% and soften a bit after healing of the 1st session. You will be able to ice your brows the 1st few days after the procedure to reduce any swelling or discomfort you may have. I advise you to use a thin layer of Aquaphor on your brows 2-3 x’s per day for around 5-7 days. Scabs that dry out or are rubbed, picked, scratched or pulled off will take longer to heal and could result in pigment loss. For the most part this eyebrow healing really is very simple for guests.

Microblading- it is important to follow aftercare instructions carefully. Microblade Eyebrow pigment will fade around 40 -50%. You CANNOT get the brow area wet for 7 days, post procedure. Water may expand your lines resulting in thicker lines than desired. I advise not doing anything to them for the first 48-72 hours expect to clean them with a witch hazel pad. After 72 hours, you may use a VERY THIN layer of Aquaphor on the brows 1-2 times a day as needed. You want the brows to breathe but NOT dry out. (If you have oily skin you may need to use witch hazel more often to cleanse the eyebrows and remove any excess oil.) After the 7 days healing you may use grapeseed or jojoba oil on them sparingly.

The above diagram we found documents the healing process well. You will start by thinking "I love my eyebrows" or “Uh oh, maybe too dark?” than day 3-5 “WHOA WAY TOO DARK” on day 8ish you’ll think “I think it all fell off?” Around 2-4 weeks the color will finalize, and you will feel Happy! Due to natural skin regeneration healing differs in everyone. You will need a 2nd session to perfect your microbladed eyebrows.

Eyeliner- Due to the sensitive eyeline skin and swelling the eyeliner lines will shrink, settle and look softer than immediately after your procedure. Usually if you want a nice thick liner line you will need it to appear thicker the day of your procedure. You may select starting basic at your 1st session and building it up to a thicker liner at your touch up session or elect to go all in right away. You can expect to ice your eyeline the first few days after your procedure. (being careful not to overdue icing on the fragile eye area) I like to tell guests it will feel like you had a real good cry for the 1st and possibly 2nd day. I recommend using a thin layer of Aquaphor on the eyeliner 1-3X a day for 3-5 days. Scabs that dry out may pull off pigment. Here’s a photo of immediately after the procedure and after healing.

Lip blushing- healing here is one of the more complex processes. The first and very important thing to know with any lip procedure you should be pretreating with a fever blister/cold sore medicine before your procedure. Even clients that do not typically get cold sores (if the virus lives in your body), you will expect to see it come out with a little lip trauma. We recommend ALL lip clients to pretreat with an antiviral prior to a lip procedure. Lip healing is different for everyone. You can expect to lose 50-60% of your color after healing. Icing your lips the first few days will feel amazing as you will feel swollen and DARK (you may like the way the swollen Botox look, looks!) Day 3-4 the peeling process will begin, color can appear orangey or pinkish. Day 5-6 Lips dry out and feel chapped. Day 7-14 Color will look as if it is totally gone. (THIS IS NORMAL) Day 15-21 Pigment will return and settle to final result. Lips may feel dry for some time after your procedure. Use of a good lip balm will help. We recommend using Aquaphor on lips for the first 10 days.

We hope this helps with knowing what to expect during your healing processes. Just remember everyone heals differently and healing times vary. It important to follow the aftercare your technician recommends carefully! Happy Healing!



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