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Updated: Feb 7

IMPORTANT! Common Question: Is Microblading for me?

We have seen hundreds of eyebrow clients over the years, and we would like to address a common question regarding Microblading Eyebrows. Is Microblading for me?

Don’t get us wrong, Microblading improves ALL eyebrows but maybe not the same way.

  1. Is Microblading great? YES.

  2. Is Microblading a great choice for EVERYONE? THAT DEPENDS!

Microblading is a semi -permanent form of manual tattooing. This technique is performed with a manual hand tool with a disposable one-time use need configuration attached at the end of the tool. The needles get slowly dragged in a strategic manner over the skin to create small hair like “strokes”. The needles are dipped into a pigment as this is done. After each pass across, pigment is applied to the "scratch" so the pigment can soak into them, leaving realistic looking beautiful small hair like slits. Oily skin does not respond to microblading the same way as dryer skin does. With dry skin you may get nice crisp defined healed strokes. Much like the pictures below.

With oily skin the results will vary due to the oil level in the skin and the aftercare that is administered after the procedure. The stroke results for oily skin can “powder out slightly” leaving more of a makeup powdered look. (Or like your brows would look if you used a brow powder to fill them in.) This is still a BEAUTIFUL RESULT. We just think being informed will help guests to have a realistic expectation of what they can expect to see after the brows heal. Here is a great example of how this looks.

COMBATING THE ISSUE, we have tried many different things of the years with aftercare that tend to help. By using witch hazel to “dry” the skin out slightly during the healing process and blotting the oil off the skin often we can help this issue. Although the result is still not as crisp as dryer skin it does leave a beautiful result. Below is another great result with an oilier skinned guest. This guest did a combination of microblading plus shading to get a little more “makeup” like appearance.

The goal of this blog is to explain that the result of microblading will vary based on the skin type that is being worked on as well as the aftercare followed following the procedure. Our final thoughts are that for most guests with oily skin the results of microblading and shading far out way the "no eyebrows" that the guests dealt with before the procedure. For some guests a 3rd session may be needed. As said best by one of my clients “It’s better to have something there for eyebrows, then nothing at all” even a light shape can save ALOT of time on your makeup routine by providing the shape for your guide. We hope this helps if you are researching the idea of Microblading with oily skin!

If you choose microblading is not for you, please explore the option of machine shaded eyebrows. Schedule your FREE CONSULTATION!

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