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Timeless Transformations Permanent Makeup company started over 10 years ago as Permanent Makeup by Shannon. We started with guest services and branched out with our own extensive training program, and we are currently expanding internationally to the island of Jamaica as Permanent Makeup Jamaica. Our focus is on providing high-quality services and training with customer and student satisfaction. With the services we offer, we are sure to help take your confidence to a new level by enhancing your own natural beauty or receive a Timeless Transformation for yourself that you can share with others.


Shannon Wanjara

I love every minute of my journey as I continue to learn and grow in order to help others.

How did i get here?

Hello, my name is Shannon. I have been in the beauty industry for over nearly 20 years. As a stylist, aesthetician, and makeup artist I realized the issues my clients were having were far more than just the things I could do as a cosmetologist. So, I decided to learn the art of permanent makeup and para medical micro-pigmentation. I myself have needed some beauty confidence boosts at different times in my life. Self-confidence is truly how you view yourself, right? Or even how you think others view you? I also believe we are our own worst critics, so by offering the services I do, I can solve some of the issues about yourself that YOU have. I once had a client who I suggested go and get her eyebrows permanently tattooed after she had a horrible situation on hot day that left her mortified in a grocery store with people staring at her eyebrows that had run all over her forehead. She did go get her eyebrows done and it was like she had this new confidence in herself she transformed to be and feel her best. I then knew I HAD TO DO THE TRAINING TO HELP THESE PEOPLE. I love my clients and take pride in the fact I really want to help them any way I can. If you need a confidence boost BIG or small I am here to help you anyway that I can. We have all needed a beauty enhancement of some sort to fully enjoy life and all it offers without feeling held back by being a victim of insecurities. Feel and be your best!

Thanks for your interest in me!

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Natalie Trickey

Hi I'm Natalie.  To tell you a little bit about myself, I am a joyful person and I love to be around others and make people feel good.  I have a fantastic little girl who I love to spend most of my free time with and traveling is my passion!  Now, to tell you a bit about my professional self...I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years and worked as a Master Nail Technician for most of them.  I found my way to permanent makeup through my dear friend Shannon and was one of her very first clients when she completed her training.  The difference that permanent makeup made for my comfort and confidence was (and still is) unbelievable!  I wanted to share that feeling with others so I decided to start my journey as a permanent makeup artist.  I trained extensively under Shannon and offer permanent makeup services, not to change, but to enhance the natural beauty every client has!  Thank you so much for checking me out!

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