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Q & A's

Imagine never having to be dependent on makeup, eyebrow pencil/powder, eyeliner, lip pencil or even lipstick. This is a wonderful concept that can easily be achieved with Permanent Makeup. We have added to most frequently asked Q&A to help you understand this concept better. We will do our best to answer any other questions you may have. If there are questions that are not listed below, please email us and we will add them to our list! Thank you for visiting our site.


Q. What permanent makeup procedures are there to choose from?

A. There are 4 basic procedures to choose from: Permanent Eyebrows/Microblading, Permanent Eyeliner/Eyelash Enhancement, Permanent Lip Liner/Full Lip Color/Lip Blushing, and Scalp Micropigmentation.

Q. Can there be multiple procedures done in one day?

A. Yes, it depends on if you would like to ease in and do one procedure to see how it goes. Or if you'd like to dive in for the whole shebang all at once. It is all up to the comfort of the client. Some choose to do one and at the touch up appointment in 30-60 days add another procedure. This is all up to you! 

Q. How do I find the right permanent makeup artist?

A. It's very important to find the right artist for you. Feeling comfortable with whom you choose is very important. Even if your artist was referred to you, you should always look at before and after photos of their work that they have done. Check out any reviews/testimonials. Ask if they use a topical anesthetic if pain is worrisome for you. What are the steps of the procedure? Will they draw on shape and perfect it before beginning? Do you have a choice in choosing color? Get as much information as you need to feel comfortable with that person. 

Q. How safe is permanent makeup?

A. According to the Center for Disease and Control, permanent makeup is very safe. The biggest concern is with the needle used to implant pigment. Ask your technician to see the sterile package with the needle they will be using. Make sure it is new in a pre-sterilized sealed package from the manufacturer. I only single use sterilized seal packaged needles before performing any procedures per person per procedure. 

Q. How permanent is permanent makeup? Will it ever fade, or do I need it touched up?

A. Yes, permanent makeup will fade over time. It will need a touch up in 1 to 5 years for most people. Everyone is different and will hold pigment differently. How you live is another indicator for you. If you spend a significant time in the sun, if you have an Iron deficiency, skin type, and how dark or light the initial color chosen will all be indicators for how well your pigment will hold. 


Q. Does it hurt?

A. Everyone has a different pain tolerance. Some have little discomfort where others find it quite uncomfortable. I use a topical numbing cream/gel that helps to make the procedure more pleasant. You may take a nonprescription pain reliever if no allergies to the pain reliever are present. Also, women around their menstrual time may be more sensitive. It is a tattoo so some discomfort is expected! 

Q. Can I get it if I'm under 18?

A. Depending on state regulations, generally 18 years and older. I do a lot of mother daughter duos over the age of 18. Everyone will benefit from permanent cosmetics. 

Q. Will the makeup get drawn on before the procedure starts?

A. Yes, this is the fun part. I can go over what you have, or we can change it up to create the eyebrows or lip line you have always dreamed of having. I want any procedure you choose to accentuate your natural beauty the best it can. 


Q. Can I come with my makeup drawn on?

A. Yes, absolutely. This will give your technician an idea of how you are currently wearing your makeup. If not thats ok too, we will be going into great detail in the design process. 

Q. Do I need to go back for a touch-up?

A. Yes, I will schedule a perfecting touch-up appointment 30 to 60 days after the initial procedure. Not everyone needs this but for most I do recommend coming in to review. I like to be a little reserved at the first appointment to make sure their is room for adjustments. We can always darken! Many women choose to get a second or third procedure done at the touch-up visit, after they realize how positively life changing permanent makeup can be. 

Q. How do I know if permanent makeup is good for me?

A. This is very easy, permanent makeup is just about for everyone. Below are some great reasons to consider a permanent makeup procedure.

  • wearing contact lenses

  • eyes the water and eyeliner smudges easily

  • don't have eyebrows or don't like your shape (get an instant eye lift)

  • cannot see to apply makeup or just don't want the hassle.

  • HUGE time saver and confidence booster

  • have allergies to ordinary cosmetics.

  • love to have extra lip color or defined lip shape all of the time.

  • not skilled in applying makeup.


Q. Can men do it?

A. Yes, a typical procedure for a man is eyebrows. This is done with very little shaping, more filling in to look the most natural it can! 


Q. What is healing time like?

A. Healing is different for everyone. Typically, the eyebrows heal with little tenderness and swelling. Most will be darker than the final healed result. Healing time for eyebrows is 5-10 days. Eyeliner is a little trickier and depends on how sensitive the clients eyes are and how often you ice the first day. Most people feel the second day as if they had a good cry the night before. So a little puffy. Yes you can still see, and your eyes should not be swelling shut or anything remotely close to that. By day 3 most feel pretty normal although outer healing will take roughly 5-7 days. Lip liner is also a procedure much like brows where it is a little tender and icing will help with any swelling. A full lip procedure will have the longest healing time since it is a very large area of color that has been applied. Lips will feel chapped around day 7. Lip color is odd as it will appear as though it is completely gone around day 10-14 and around day 21 will return to the lips. This is a very normal part of the lips healing. Full healing for any procedure is 30 days. 


Q. Can I use my exfoliating creams after my procedure?

A. Once the area has healed completely (30 days), you can resume your regular facial routine. 


Q. Can permanent makeup be removed?

A. Yes, although most women love their permanent makeup, a laser clinic may remove a tattoo or topical removal can be done.

This is an option that will dissolve the pigment. Many procedures may be required but the pain associated may be less than with a laser. If you are unhappy with your procedure, many times choosing another artist to correct it may be a good option. I've done some beautiful corrections where the old lines are virtually undetectable. 



Q. How long will the procedure take?

A. Every technician varies. I personally will allow around 2 to 2 1/2 hours for an eyebrow procedure. The paperwork, consultation, drawing and before and after photos take up quite a bit of this time. The procedure itself is pretty quick and then the perfecting at the end makes up the rest of the time. Although some are done in 1 hour. It is very important to me to have you feeling comfortable with the whole process and I will take all the time you need to accomplish absolutely stunning eyebrows. A topical anesthetic will be used to ease discomfort. 


Q. What are some tips that will help me when I'm getting brows?

A. Be certain you are comfortable with the brows that you and your technician agreed upon. Here are some things to consider while you are doing your consulting/drawing. 

  • are the arches the same?

  • do the start and end in the same place?

  • are they the same height, width, etc.?

  • do they look even to you?

Most people are the most critical of themselves so having you involved in the perfecting at the beginning an end of the procedure is huge!


Q. Should I tweeze or wax before I come?

A. If you know exactly how you want your brows then yes that would be helpful. If you don't then I will do a brow shaping during your procedure. 


Q. What brow flaws can I correct with permanent makeup?

A. Permanent makeup can correct many things. Listed below are a few:

  • only have half of a brow

  • nicer arch or maybe you don't have one at all.

  • too thin or you have none at all.

  • droopy

  • uneven

  • too sparse

  • too short

  • outer part needs to be lifted (bring them back where they belong and get an instant look of a face lift)

  • starts too far out.


Q. If I have no brow hair, will permanent makeup look good on me?

A. Yes, I personally love to work with people that have little or no hair at all. When someone has hair I usually work with and around it for shape, etc.

If someone has no or little hair, I can put them on exactly where they belong with nothing to work around. And with microblading they can look very natural for someone who has none. I have nice pictures that illustrate this.


Q. Will I lose any of my hair when I have my eyebrows tattooed?

A. With permanent makeup techniques, the color is not implanted deep enough to affect the hair follicle. So no, you will not lose your existing hair from the procedure.


Q. How are brows measured to check for the correct proportion?

A. Imagine a straight line up from the corner of your eye, that is where the inner brow should be located/start. Then imagine a line straight up from the outside of the colored part of the eyeball, that is where the highest point of the brow should sit in most cases. There are some people that this can be adjusted slightly on. The most important thing to remember is the rules apply to most, but not to all situations. Whatever compliments your face, and your comfort is highly considered. As for the end of the brow or the tail area. If you imagine that straight line out from the corner widest part of your nose, that is how low your brow can be placed. This is also a case-by-case basis, and no two brows are the same. Remember eyebrows are meant to be sisters not twins! If they are TOO perfect, they will no longer look realistic. :)




Q. What does the procedure for liner/enhancement entail and how long will it take?

A. The technician will go over what you'd like to see as well as give you some reasons for what they feel would be best for you with your eye shape and why., follow by color selection of what you would like to see. A topical anesthetic is used to ease discomfort and we will only start the procedure when you are 100% satisfied with all that has been discussed and agreed upon. This procedure is roughly 1 to 1 1/2 hours.  

Q. Who will benefit from permanent eyeliner or lash enhancement?

A. Virtually everyone! Either procedure will enhance your lash line allowing the true natural beauty of your eye to be more prominent. 

  • eliminate the tired looking eye.

  • make your lashes appear darker and thicker.

  • eliminate smudged eyeliner.

  • enhance your eye color and have them "pop."

  • save time and money.

  • feel put together as soon as you wake up, at the gym or anywhere anytime!


Q. Do I choose black or dark brown?

A. In my professional opinion, I would suggest most people to go for black. In my experience most of the women that have selected brown will change their mind to black with their touch-up appointment. So, if you are hesitant, we will start with brown and change to black at your touch-up if you want to. 

Q. I can't decide if i want the bottoms, since I don't wear eyeliner on the bottom, how do I choose?

A. This is a common question, I suggest a liner on the top and a lash enhancement on the bottom. 


Q. What is the difference between a liner or a lash enhancement?

A. A liner will mimic an actual applied eyeliner pencil. A lash enhancement will be a softer less dramatic line that is applied right to your lash line drawing the focus to your eyes and popping out your eyelashes! Either is absolutely stunning. 


Q. What are some tips for my eyeliner consultation?

A. It is important to know exactly what you want and to express that to your technician. Topics to discuss.

  • Intensity and color choice

  • do you want enhancement or liner?

  • thickness or thinness of top

  • thickness or thinness of the bottom

  • shape or special style


Q. What can I expect for healing time and what does healing entail?

A. The first day you will be swollen. Icing 10 minutes on and 30 minutes off a few times that day is recommended. The second day when you awake you will feel like you had yourself a good cry the night before. That look where you can totally tell but no one else really can. You can ice again this day, as for the next few days, the swelling should subside, and you will be using ointment thru out the entire healing time. Mascara may be worn on day 3 IF A NEW TUBE IS PURCHASED! Mascara harbors a lot of bacteria so only use an old tube after healing is completed. 5-7 days for most women. Touch-up will be scheduled 30- 60 days after initial appointment. 




Q. How can lip liner or filling in my lips help me?

A. There are so many ways, here are some.

  • make your lip look fuller by placing lip liner on the outside of the vermilion line.

  • make lips look smaller by placing on the inside of the vermilion line.

  • enhance shape or bring back shape you once had.

  • give yourself a bow when you've never had one.

  • balancing and evening up the lip lines

  • enhance your lips by giving them the natural color pop. 


Q. What does the lip procedure entail and how long does it take?

A. First things first. Discuss whether an enhancement of your lip is desired or if you'd like to see dramatic lip color. Than choose the desired lip color and shape. You will have a topical anesthetic applied prior to the drawing to help ease discomfort. The lip line will then be drawn on and traced with the tattoo machine. I will only start this once you are 100% sure you love the way your lips are looking, and you are very comfortable. 


Q. How do i choose a color? Can I get my natural lip color?

A. Yes, natural lip color works beautifully to enhance, correct and even out your natural lip. If you don't have a desired color a natural one is recommended. If you do have one, bring your lip color with you the day of your procedure. 


Q. If I have only the lip liner done, will it look funny?

A. NO! Having just a lip liner done with a natural lip color will define and shape your lip beautifully! If more color is desired on your lip make sure you talk to your technician about the possibility of dragging the color down just a little bit to blend a little more.


Q. Can I make my lips look fuller?

A. YES! by placing the line just on the outside of the natural lip line you can create fuller lips! 


Q. What is healing time like after my lip procedure and how long will the procedure take?

A. A lip procedure may take anywhere from 1 to 2 1/2 hours depending on how much color you would like to see. Lips have a very odd way of healing. They will look MUCH DARKER than the final result at first. Actually, for most people they are much darker and swollen which can seem a little scary, but rest assured that this is normal. Then around day 7-10 the color will look as though it's completely gone. This is normal it will return around 21-30 days after initial procedure. Make sure that with any permanent makeup procedure you do, a complete aftercare form will be sent with you from your artist. 

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