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Most procedures will require an initial visit as well as a touch up appointment in 30 -60 days.

Microblading Eyebrows                                                                                                        $500 

Shaded/Ombre Eyebrows                                                                                                   $600

Eyebrow Correction                                                                                                               Price upon consultation

Basic Eyeliner or Lash Enhancement (Upper & Lower)                                         $550

Basic Eyeliner UPPER ONLY                                                                                                $350                                                      

Basic Eyeliner LOWER ONLY                                                                                               $275

Extra Thickness to Eyeliner (add on to eyeliner service)                                      $100

Lip Liner plus Blushing                                                                                                         $600

Scalp Micropigmentation                                                                                                    Price upon consultation

Bundle & Save Prices

Package #1 Time Saver                                                                                                        $950

Microblade Eyebrows & Basic Eyeliner ($100 Savings)

Package #2 Complete Transformation                                                                       $1500

Microblade Eyebrows, Basic Eyeliner & Full Lip ($150 savings)

​Touch Up/Color Booster Appointments-$275 for Eyeliner, $400 for Lip Blushing, and $250-$300 for Eyebrows. 

Touchup/Booster Appointment (FOR RETURNING GUESTS ONLY) 

If you have not been referred to us, please refer to the Client Testimonials page to view insight from some clients who have received our services. You will get a first class experience with stunning results. Start your transformation with your very in-depth consultation for FREE.

Schedule a Free Consultation

We would love to see you for a detailed consultation to discuss the permanent makeup options that may be best for you. 

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